The 2014 Foaling Cams Are On

5 Jan


21 Oct

Liberty, Ruby. Candi and Ryder are now at their new home in West Virginia. I got to Vickie’s on Thursday evening and the horses were delivered on Friday morning. They have all settled in well and couldn’t be in a better home. I took some pictures while I was there of the horses and the beautiful fall scenery. All of the horses at Vickie and Tom’s farm were raised here at Freelands Gypsy Horses. What a pleasure to be able to and visit with them and watch them grow up.


Busy Times At The Farm

11 Sep

We have been busy around here for the last couple of weeks. Ruby and Hustler have joined the others in the weaning pasture and are doing really well. It is such fun to watch the babies run and play together and to see all their antics.

All the horses have had their feet trimmed and routine wormings have been done. The vet was here to draw blood for coggins testing last week so we are caught up on all of that for a little while.

We are continuing to work with the foals each day and they are doing extremely well.

I have been adding videos to the Pinterest boards and YouTube and we now have quite a few  there including foaling replays and some “Baby School” videos. I will keep adding videos as I have time to go back and find them. You can follow us on Pinterest or subscribe to our channel on YouTube to see the videos.

We are supposed to have a break from the heat in the next few days and I hope to get some more videos and new pictures then,

Hope you’re all having a good week.

Happy Labor Day Weekend

1 Sep

I hope that you are all enjoying the Labor Day weekend. Most of my day has been spent spraying the horses. The hot, humid weather has not helped our bug population at all. I think I have tried every spray available through the years.

I enjoyed visiting with several friends on our live chat this morning. I keep missing everyone when I check in so it was finally nice to get to catch up with good friends. Things will get busy on the chat again as summer winds down and the days are shorter. There is a link to the Live Chat on our Farm Cams Page page.

It’s time to wean Ruby and Hustler but I am trying to wait for a little bit of a cool down to do that. I will be putting them in the area with Cash, Noelle, Candi and Liberty (Liberty is the babysitter this year) and they will be fine. Regardless of their age or how ready they are to be weaned, it is always a little stressful and I will feel better if it is not so hot.

I hope you enjoy the remainder of this holiday weekend, Stay safe.

Friday on the farm

17 Aug

What a huge relief to have a break from the super hot weather. The last couple of days have been so nice with highs in the mid 80s and lows at night in the mid 50s. The next few days are supposed to continue to be nice and I plan on spending as much time as possible outside.

Today was a trip to the feed store. The feed store we have been using for several years has closed and I am not enjoying the new one. It seems like it is putting the employees out to load my 32 bags of horse feed. As far as I can tell that’s what they are hired to do, but it’s obvious they don’t like it. Oh well, we have plenty of feed in the barn and I won’t have to go back to the feed store for awhile.

I was ordering some new halters for the babies today and found some pretty purple ones for the girls. I always use rope halters on all my horses and sometimes I don’t have a big choice of colors. You can tell you are a horse person when you get excited over purple halters!

Have a great weekend.

15 Aug

Today I took Alex to the pasture beside the lake for some time away from Scarlett. I like to take the a foal that has not be weaned to a different area and let it spend a little time without mom. By doing this often prior to weaning it is not such a shock when they are separated. He had a great time running in the pasture and I had fun just sitting and watching him. I took quite a few pictures but have not had time to look through them all yet. The fact that our cupboards were beginning to be bare forced me to go grocery shopping. Everyone knows that watching foals play is far more interesting than buying groceries and cleaning supplies. Tomorrow I am planning to take Cash, Candi and Noelle to that pasture by the big pond and let them have a day of playing in a different area. I will get some pictures of them when they are there.
This is a pcture of Alex today. I’ll go through them and post more soon.

Pictures of Candi / She is for sale

14 Aug

It has been slightly cooler today and I spent much of the day outside with the horses. I took a few new pictures of Candi. She is for sale and will make a wonderful addition to someone’s family or breeding program. She has great bloodlines, beautiful markings and the sweetest disposition. She has been weaned as is ready to go to a new home.


For more information about Candi, Contact us by email or by phone 870-862-4424


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